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Jul 13, 2022


Since we’ve been in this 920 sq ft apartment, keeping things tidy + organized has been a problem. like, it’s been embarrassingly messy. + when you’re in a small but open space, the mess feels even more overwhelming because it’s all visible all the time. i was complaining to logan about it a couple weeks ago + came to the realization it was because we didn’t have anything in place to hold things. things were just being left on the floor + put on the table or countertop because there wasn’t a designated spot to put them in goodpick to the rescue!

Goodpick Bedroom Storage Basket

i’ve bought a couple throw blankets since we’ve been here because we’re a movie-watching, couch-snuggling family + the apartment wasn’t furnished with any good snuggly blankets. this basket is the perfect spot to hold them when we’re not watching a movie! plus it adds a cozy touch to our living room. the woven texture + color add some warmth to this otherwise pretty plain space.

along with blankets being left around the house, we’ve had a real problem with dirty clothes lying here, there, + everywhere. the apartment came with a plastic laundry basket, but no hamper for dirty clothes to go in. i don’t know about you guys, but one laundry basket is not enough for this family of four. we needed a spot to keep the dirty clothes confined.         

Goodpick Laundry Hamper

this hamper has done just the trick! it’s large, so it can fit all of our dirty clothes in it for a few days before it gets too full. we use the other basket for clean clothes, too! i love that these baskets can be used for a variety of purposes.

Goodpick Basket with Soft Handles

+ again, i love the little bit of cozy they bring. woven textures + warm tones like cream + brown make a place feel relaxed + calm which is exactly the vibe i want for my home. i want my family + friends to walk in + feel at peace, like they can take a deep breath + relax for a while.