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How to choose functional decor

Jun 02, 2023

How to choose functional decor

This article is sponsored by The GoodPick.


The older I get, the less I enjoy moving many small trinkets out of the way to clean and organize. That’s why it’s so important to me that any decor in my kids’ rooms also be extremely functional.


I’m currently renovating my daughter’s bedroom and taking it from a builder basic room into a dream bedroom for a pre-teen, pink loving girl! While designing the space I made sure to think about how every spot would function for her in day to day life. One of the areas I thought most about was the built in window seat. I knew she would spend many hours here with tons of pillows and blankets, reading or drawing and really enjoying the space. That means that I needed lots of storage for her blankets and pillows when not in use.

My dilemma:


Everything I put into my kids’ rooms needs to be wipeable or machine washable. We all know how messy kids can get and a traditional rope or jute basket just doesn’t pass the cleanability test for me! In my search for the perfect storage basket I came across many plastic options that are definitely easy to clean, but also don’t really bring any warmth and coziness to the room. The washable baskets I was finding at first were all small inserts for drawers and closets, and I started to feel like what I envisioned just wasn’t going to happen.

Enter The GoodPick!


Could it really be true? Did I finally find a basket that’s not only washable, but large enough to actually hold blankets and pillows? Spoiler alert…it’s really true!

I found this basket and fell in love immediately. Not only is this things huge (I’m talking fitting 2 large throw blankets and 3 throw pillows with room to spare), but it’s also WASHABLE and AFFORDABLE! I was skeptical, because usually when something seems this good it arrives and there’s parts of it that aren’t what they seemed. But not this one! The quality of this xxxl basket is something you would expect from a luxury retailer such as Pottery Barn or CB2. The rope is thick and sturdy and the integrated handles are a great touch!


So many uses!


One of my favourite parts about this basket is that is so versatile. It works perfectly in my pre-teen daughter’s room but can move seamlessly into the family room for blankets or the playroom for toys without seeming out of place.

The GoodPick has many baskets in varying sizes available here for great everyday prices!


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