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Just Another Organization Story

Sep 15, 2022

Just Another Organization Story

For many of us, our homes are meant to be lived in. They are not staged for a magazine shoot or home tour video. We live in them, our kids and pets get them messy, adults get clumsy, and do not even get me started on the fact that mother nature must do its thing…. Dust! You get the gist. Our homes must be livable. You might ask... how do I achieve the aspirational goal of always having a beautiful and elegant home? And to that I will answer, be savvy about your choice of textiles, the type of paint you use on your walls, the smell of your home, and more importantly, have great storage solutions.


Let’s face it, humans are inherent hoarders – we love things and hold on to them for a very long time. And yes, even the minimalist folks need the basic household essentials to function effectively. But, to avoid your collectables/important items from becoming clutter over time, you need strategic storage solutions. Baskets can help you achieve that. They are quite versatile and can be used for an array of things in your home, i.e., hiding kids’ toys, holding dirty laundry, transporting laundry, storing pillows, housing scarfs and/or seasonal items, the list is endless.     


In my case, I was honored to be offered two large baskets by the GoodPick; They are both exquisite and I truly love them. Who is the GoodPick, you may ask? Well, let me share more. They are a company that creates, esthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, affordable, and practical home products that are meant to make your home organization dreams a reality.

The baskets I chose really help me keep my laundry and pillows in check. And while I don’t have a lot of people residing in my household, I do sometimes feel like the proud owner of a laundromat that brings in no revenue (LOL). So how do I keep the laundry stowed away neatly when I’m not ready to deal with it or when I want to haul it down to my laundry room? I keep it stuffed in my large laundry basket.


Because of the size of the laundry basket and its solid handles, it is the perfect resource for storing ironed linen. I also usually carry it with me to relevant rooms in my home to place the washed and ironed items in appropriate drawers.

Now, y’all know I live for blankets. I keep several in every room including my home office and I use the tall laundry hamper for storing all my assorted blankets. I like the two-toned color especially with the brown color being on the base, because that is the part that touches the floor and likely to get dirty (but not easily seen).