Goodpick is founded on love and care!

Our Background

Hey, there. It’s Lily here, founder of Goodpick - the brand founded on love and care! When you mention me, you also have to mention my gorgeous twins— Emily and Kitty. I’ve relished laundry with my twins all the time.

I always used a traditional plastic laundry basket before. However, I found my children often get scratched accidentally. Who would have imagined that a simple laundry basket could become a safety hazard?

Our Process

This is when my search for a safer alternative started in earnest. I tried practically every type of basket on the market, but the risks persisted. It dawned on me that humankind has always overlooked the need for a soft laundry basket for homes with children. I had to create it myself.

Other than the quality of softness I’ve already mentioned, I also wanted an eco-friendly basket. When you remember that (according to UNEP) over 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year, you understand why combating the plastic menace is non-negotiable. After all these considerations, my testing phase showed that cotton was the best material.

After weeks of research, I finally fashioned a basket that surpassed even my own expectations and showed it to my twins. Their reaction made my heart swell with happiness - they loved it so much, even begged me to make some for their friends.
When Emily and Kitty gifted the baskets at school, their friends were ecstatic! Within a few weeks, the news spread fast. Many parents in the community expressed their need for this kind of cotton rope basket, so I made a batch of baskets for them.

These ever-increasing requests made me realize that I could pass on a safe and practical item to even more families. This was the beginning of Goodpick. Goodpick quickly found a home on Amazon. The positive reviews kept piling on and on and on … this blew up beyond my wildest dreams!

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Our Goal

A safe, clean and beautiful home is very important to me, as it is for most moms. I knew that everything I was facing was something other families struggled with as well. I had the will to positively impact other families. This was the motivation behind the creation of the Goodpick brand.

I can proudly proclaim that our products have served millions of families. We’ve received and continue to receive endless positive feedback. Knowing that millions of people love and trust our brand gives me the ultimate kind of satisfaction. From here on, I’m going that extra mile. I’ll continue sharing this marvelous gift with thousands of households out there so that every family can gain from this love and care. You can contact us by

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