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Bye Bye Clutter

Feb 18, 2024

Bye Bye Clutter

A clutter free home leads to a clutter free mind.

Anyone else feel like after the holidays, the house is overwhelmed with decor and toys.and I needed to refresh my space. It felt as though there was stuff everywhere and it wasn’t contained leaving my home in disarray. The GoodPick fortunately has the best storage options for my dilemma.

Home Office / Library
Linen Closet
Entry Way
Bedroom / Nursery

This particular basket works in many spaces. It is very spacious at almost 17” long, and can really hold a lot. One extra feature I wasn’t expecting but I love is the metal brace inside the basket that helps keeps its shape.

The fabric is similar to a canvas linen material and feels like great quality. The handles are also so strong – an added mention of the durability of these baskets. And of course I can’t deny the aesthetic factor because I do love the neutral tone, and it complements many rooms in my home.

I’m not saying you need baskets to help organize your home but if you go that route, this pair is a great option to start with.

Happy decluttering!