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Tall and Strong

Apr 08, 2024

Tall and Strong

Am I referring to a basket? Yes, yes I am. We are saying no to unaesthetic baskets from here on out. Enter The GoodPick. They have baskets that could fit every need of yours like the obvious ones, holding blankets when not in use, and even some more clever ones, a fruit bowl for your kitchen as seen here.

Office Decor

Here I imagine a tall, faux plant in the basket would be such a fun addition for my home office. Also, they say plants can do great things for our moods so why not have it sit in a cute, untraditional planter?

Blanket Storage

My husband might also argue I have too many blankets. To which I say, “Rubbish! There is no such thing as too many blankets!” That said, I do need a place to store them all. With the size of this, it can hold a bunch of blankets! The GoodPick also offers xxx-L baskets that come in a shallow height too that you might find better for your space. You can find those on their website at the link below.

Clothes Hamper

This option I am most excited about! I needed to find a hamper for our baby’s nursery, but also didn’t want to spend money on something I’m not a fan of. Then I remembered, The GoodPick, had taller baskets! So I ordered one for baby, and you know I had to get a coordinating one for my oldest son.

Hearth Decor

I can just picture this basket holding faux wood (or real wood, if you have a real fireplace – lucky!) in the fall or winter to give this view a cozy vibe.

All I’m saying is there are a lot of options, and again, no limit to how we can use a basket in our homes!

Tell me some of the clever ways you have used baskets in your home


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