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Baskets Galore

Jan 16, 2024

Baskets Galore

My husband thinks we have too many baskets to which I say “the limit does not exist.” That goes for the amount of baskets I could have, and the amount of ways baskets could be put to use. The GoodPick has the best options available, and I have proof here and here. I think we can all agree too that baskets can serve many purposes.

Traditionally, we might see baskets used as storage for different items around the home. But nowadays, I’ve seen baskets replace planters, be used as fruit bowls, stand in as trash cans, hold the daily mail, transport the laundry, organize pantries and closets. The list goes on and on. To that, your every day basket could be used in every room in the house!

Coffee Table Styling
Mudroom Storage
Nursery Storage
Bathroom Storage

See? There really is no limit!