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Dec 29, 2023


This playroom has been a long time coming. Ever since we purchased this home, I knew I wanted to finish our basement to create more room for our growing family. And now that our basement is finished, I’ve been slowly turning the back little corner of it into a playroom for my two girls. I’ve always dreamed of having a dedicated room for their big toys and a place where they can be creative. When we finished the basement, we wanted to maximize the space as much as we could so we installed a Murphy Bed on the back wall with built-in shelves on either side so that it can double as a guest room. When someone comes to stay with us, we just move the toys to the closet and pull the Murphy Bed down and it’s a guest room. Eventually we would love to be able to have a fully dedicated playroom and a fully dedicated guest room, but for now, it’s the perfect space for this stage of our lives.  

Playroom Details

We got this slide for Adeline’s 2nd birthday and it has been a huge hit with both girls and all of Adeline’s friends. It’s the perfect neutral color and the perfect slide height and length. Most kids slides that we found were either too short height wise or length wise. This will be able to last for many years, even our 5 year-old nephew got going pretty fast on it! 

This little corner is tucked behind the stairs, to the right of the Murphy Bed and is the perfect area for bigger, permanent toys. The grandparents got our girls this pink play kitchen for Christmas and it has already been a huge hit! She can finally store and use all of her kitchen foods and toys. 

On the other wall, we wanted to find a storage solution for all of her other toys so we got this cube organizer but wanted to find some baskets for hidden storage. These GoodPick color block baskets are the perfect solution! They are flexible enough to be able to fit various sized toys in and are light enough for kids to be able to pull in and out of the organizer by themselves but still hold their shape. 


These baskets are such great quality and are the most beautiful color. They go so well with this space and will be a great gender neutral option for the girls for years to come. Say goodbye to mismatched toys out in the open and tripping over tiny toys strewn all over the ground. These baskets hide it all. I am a huge fan of this company and all of their products. GoodPick has so many other beautiful basket options online- it was so hard to chose one! 


This playroom is still a work in progress and I will be creating some fun pink art to go above the cube organizer to tie everything together. So make sure to follow  along on Instagram for real time updates. Thanks for stopping by and supporting this small business of mine. It truly means the world. I hope you’ll continue to follow along as we renovate the rest of our home and others in the coming years.