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Let There Be Light

Dec 27, 2023

Let There Be Light

Candles during the holiday season are a must, am I right? They give off an intimate glow that when paired with Christmas tree lights, is just so picturesque! So, I took a moment to round up my favorites from this year to share them with you.

My latest new favorite though is the candles coming from The GoodPick. You saw me mention them before when I got my hands on one of their jar candles last month. The scents offered are perfect for the holiday season and include cinnamon, balsam cedar, and Christmas cookie.

The jar itself is minimalist in design and the colors will complement your home’s seasonal decor. Their candles are easily styled in any space.

Am I candle obsessed? No, but I like a soft glow throughout the home. Tell me where you pick up your candles from, and then scroll down to find all of these cuties linked.

Let’s Go Shopping

The GoodPick Store:

The GoodPick Balsam Cedar Candle