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A Basket for Bebe

Nov 06, 2023

A Basket for Bebe

17 weeks along today and I can hardly believe we’re almost halfway to bebe. The new little will be here before we know it and this new basket from The GoodPick is seriously such a good nursery addition. The bow is the cutest touch too.

Truly even if I weren’t using this basket for my second baby’s room, I would absolutely gift it to another mama at her baby shower.

It can hold so much, and the handles are strong. You don’t have to worry about overloading it. Even more, the quality of the basket is great. You can really feel the durability of the materials woven in.

Another option of course is using it for additional toy storage in my toddler’s bedroom, because you really can’t ever have enough toy storage.

I like that it fits perfectly on the bottom level of this Target toy box, or it could stand alone as a statement decorative item in the room.

It got me thinking though, where else would this basket be put to good use? Share your ideas with me in the comment section, and then go check it out for yourself!

I have the link to this exact basket for you below, and a link to their Amazon store where you can browse all of The GoodPick products.

Shop Basket: bebe basket

Shop More: Amazon store

Also, did you know you can follow The GoodPick on Instagram? P.S they have lots of giveaways!