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Get organized with Goodpick baskets!

Jul 12, 2022

Goodpick Bedroom Storage Ideas

In order to keep a tidy house, everything should have its own designated space. This especially is beneficial to people who tend to be less organized because they know where the item should be returned to, and not just tossed anywhere.  Baskets are something I use to allow different things to have their “home base” . I can’t even begin to count the amount of baskets that are found throughout my house on each and every floor for many different purposes.

As a teacher, I utilize the smaller basket size to keep small items I need readily available, as well as to make my desk look neat. In this basket, I keep my key fob, cell phone and remotes that I use throughout the day.  It is so nice to not have to look where my key fob ended up when I am ready to take the kids outside for a break.  Everything I need to exit the classroom safely with my students is found right in this basket. 

I have always loved beds that have lots of pillows and throws to make it look like a place you are ready to dive into after a long day. The thing that has always made me cringe is the thought of when I am ready to go to bed, to just jettison all of those pillows onto the floor.  This is why I adore the large basket for storing all of these items when I get into bed so they are not just tossed onto the floor. It also allows the room to look clean, and not have items strewn across the floor.


Lastly, I live in a 100 year old home that has a third floor, which we recently turned into another family room with a couch, tv, and a reading nook.  This has also become the place where all of my husbands video game consoles have been designated to.  It is a tiny space with slanted ceilings, so there isn’t a ton of room to work with.  With the size of the room in mind, I chose the XXX large basket to fit multiple items. I was looking for storage for a few blankets as well as all of my husband’s video games.  I put a divider into the basket and was able to fit a few blankets plus countless video games! These baskets fill so many needs throughout my home and classroom while looking sleek and stylish.

From @ChalkboardCharm