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How to Get Organized and Make Your Home Picture Perfect

Apr 19, 2022

How to Get Organized and Make Your Home Picture Perfect

I love anything that can be functional and stylish. In my home there is a space for everything and if I can’t find a place for it I will put it away in a closet. The problem with this is that if things are too far away then I’m compromising on the functionality of my space making things that I use every day harder to get to.

After being tired of storing things in my closets I discovered decorative woven baskets from Goodpicks on Amazon. I picked out two woven baskets and a bamboo food storage box organizer set and this is how I styled them:

Laundry Room:

For the laundry room I got the XXXLarge Cotton Rope Basket in white and wow, this basket is large in the best possible way! I used to have trouble fitting all of my laundry in one basket but now I can fit everything I need and more. Not only is this basket amazing for storing lots of laundry but it also looks so lovely in the room. The handles on this basket are perfect for easy transportation if I need to fold laundry in a separate room and it really elevates the look of the whole space.

Living Room:

For my living room I use the Large Cotton Rope Basket in Mele. Picking out this basket was a difficult decision because Goodpicks offers so many stylish patterns and colors. I decided on the color Mele because it is neutral and goes with my decor seamlessly. In this basket I store all of my blankets that I was keeping in a closet across the house. I love to cuddle up with a blanket on the sofa and now it is so much more practical for me to grab it out of the basket that’s right next to me.


For my kitchen I found the Bamboo Food Storage Bag Organizer. I have been looking for a set like this for a while as I got tired of the bulky unorganized look of the cardboard boxes that plastic bags come in. These organizers are special because not only does bamboo look smart and sophisticated but the boxes are labeled clearly, so you can immediately grab either a gallon, quart, sandwich, or snack bag out of your kitchen drawer.