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Hanging Baskets Decoration Ideas

Apr 18, 2022

Hanging Baskets Decoration Ideas

I’ve had my eye on hanging baskets for our outdoor decoration, and Goodpick was kind enough to send over these woven hanging baskets. I filled them with a little faux greenery and tested them out in several areas around my pool and on my porch. I even tried them in my dining room. They are so cute and I’m loving how they look in all of these spaces.

 I can’t decide where I like them best! I think one of the best parts about these baskets, is that you can easily change out what’s inside based on the seasons. I decided to use a lot of wild greenery since spring is in full-swing.

These would also be great for home organization. I could see these hanging on a wall in a room with little stuffed animals spilling out, or maybe in a closet to help organize socks.