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Home Organization with Baskets

Feb 27, 2022

Home Organization with Baskets

As a working mother, wife, interior designer and business owner, life can be super chaotic and busy so I like to have as much organization as possible in our home. I find when you keep your home organized and neat everything seems to flow a little easier. Baskets have been my go to for organization and neatness in keeping the house tidy. Large baskets can help in so many different ways, and can be used in your home for so many different things. I take full advantage of the larger baskets by using them for throw storage, pillows, toys, and laundry. As an interior designer, functionality is everything in a space and I love walking into a room that looks super neat and clean. So with these baskets, you can store them with all those things you may not want everyone else to see. They can easily be hidden, yet still make your space look clean and beautiful and above all super neat! Who doesn’t love a neat and clean looking home?! 

My first option in utilizing these baskets are using the smaller ones in my entryway where they can hang on the hooks. They are perfect for the family car keys and actually having a place to keep them.  If you’re like me, I seem to never be able to find my keys when I’m in a rush to go somewhere. They are also perfect for storing gloves, the kids mask for school, and winter hats. I also love to add some flowers to add some color to the space. Pretty and simple go together so well.

The second way I like to incorporate baskets is by using the medium size to store family pillows and throws in our living room. Instead of having the pillows on the floor, it’s so easy to just store them in the baskets. Simplicity is key in keeping your storage area looking great! Swapping out pillows as I tend to do with the different seasons makes it super easy to have a place to store them and have access to them when needed. These baskets always complete the look and looks super chic and clean, all while you have your storage, it’s a win-win! 

Lastly, the large basket is perfect for any child’s room. Stuffed animals and blankets are endless and can sometimes seem overwhelming to the room ! The best way I  love to keep the room looking neat is by storing the blankets and stuffed animals in the large basket. It’s versatile and has plenty of depth to fit all those animals and blankets that you may not always want to see. The perfect way to declutter and keep organization simple. The oversized baskets are super sturdy, and have many options to store so many toys and blankets. If you’re not using it for your child’s room, other great options can be used to store towels, laundry or I find these are perfect to store pool towels in the summer so when we have guests over , there  all in one place. I love the many different ways you can use these, you have so many options and it gives you the freedom to utilize them how you want to ! Who doesn’t love options!