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It's a GoodPick

Aug 09, 2022

It's a GoodPick

I love this old house. The character. The charm. The quirks.

It's small and it's cozy.Annnnnd it has very little storage space.

So what does one do when you have little to no storage space?

You look for options...for solutions that are budget friendly, stylish and fit in with your home decor.

I am loving the GoodPick for all of the above!

I've been using the XXXL Brown Cotton Rope Storage Basket for a couple of months now.

I'm currently using it as a laundry basket...for a few reasons that make me happy!

It looks good in my bedroom to hold the dirty clothes. Remember, no closet space so it's out and visible.


It's lightweight, with soft handles!This makes it so easy to carry up and down flights of stairs.

I don't think i'll ever use plastic laundry hampers again!

I'm ordering another one for my son's room. And another one to hold blankets.

When the cold weather comes back, I need somewhere to put all the blankets in the living room.


I can get one that will match the vibe of my decor. GoodPick has many beautiful designs, so this is an easy purchase!

Be sure to check out the GoodPick for your storage needs!

Baby/children, bedroom, living room, laundry room...all the rooms, all the baskets!